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Modern times brings so many innovations. Thanks to the modern technology, we managed to improve almost everything: cars, houses, and even hopsitals. We must note how hospitals are improved today. If we look back into the past, hospitals were the places for sick and dying patients. It was just space with few instruments. Nowadays we are talking about huge complexes that have in their possession everything that you need for the treatment.

Some of them even have medical schools nearby so the students can learn and experience how the theory works in the real world. In this kind of hospitals, you can find facilities for their students and future doctors. Some of them have in their offer cooking classes and driver education in purpose to improve its lifestyle and make it healthier. Some of them look like real pieces from the future.  Here are some of them that really look outstanding.

The first one is definitely from Fontana, so-called Kaiser Foundation Hospital

It is established in 1955 but for its today’s look, we can thank HMC Architects. We talk about 490,000 square-foot space where there are 324 beds. Thanks to those architects, this hospital is improved in every sense. Staff capacity, an efficiency of treatment and surroundings ever things has been upgraded.

The second one also well-known is Winnie Palmer Hospital for women and babies

Every pregnant woman would like to give birth here. This marvelous hospital is situated in Orlando, Florida, USA and it is something that every mother would wish for. This is one of the first delivery hospitals in Florida. Here you can get the best care in the whole United States of America. There are the largest neo-natal intensive care units with the most developed technology. Another fact about this hospital is the feeling that you are not in the hospital at all. This surrounding is simply outstanding. We talk about large globe structure, modern glass appearance and calming interior. You will get the impression that you are in Louvre not in the hospital.

When somebody mentions Dubai we all think about Burj Khalifa. The people that have been sick and treated here will think about Mediclinic City Hospital, one of the most equipped hospitals in the world. It was opened in 229 beds with 66 sisters and this number is getting bigger all the time.

In Florida, there is another one that provides a very good healthcare for its patients. It is called Florida Hospital Waterman. This was also designed by Jonathan Bailey Associates UK Ltd. It is one of the Florida Hospital System. This is the new modern look of the hospital, it was originally founded in 1908.

Those hospitals provide the best healthcare for their patients and the most educated doctors. They are not just professionals, they are also well-equipped professionals. All this combined with the beautiful surroundings make these hospitals the best in the world. With the modern architecture, they look like everything else but hospitals. Thanks to this fact, your treatment will pass much faster than normally because you won’t have a feeling that you are in a hospital, at all.

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